When Aaron touches the mic, people listen. Aside from writing rhymes and kicking cyphers with LA rappers, Aaron is a hip hop producer and digital media mastermind.  The vibe he brings to the studio is both analytic and quick-thinking.  Spewing lyrics at lightning fast speed, Aaron flows circles around sucka MCs effortlessly. On stage, he is unstoppable.  Off stage, he is laid back and writes musical compositions in his mind that will later become beats and soundscapes.

From connecting nuAi with the first Native American skateboard company in world history, Apache Skateboarders, to managing soundtrack contracts for multi-billion dollar corporations, Aaron is a well connected man on a mission.  Drawing from such diverse influences as jazz and mariachi to under ground hip hop, he intertwines complex lyrics over classic hip hop grooves.  His expertise in the studio has empowered many artists to refine their craft in unexpected and innovative ways.  The more he has learned, the more he taught others and watched the creativity spread.  Aaron is a quick thinker and can analyze business from multiple and unexpected angles.  Aaron is an experienced techie and has introduced cutting-edge technology to the nuAi crew time and again.

Aaron’s family is originally from East Los Angeles and Mexico.  He stays connected to his community by hosting the Hard n Da Paint weekly hip hop workshops for Boyle Heights Area youth.  Being of Mexican descent, Aaron has especially helped solidify nuAi’s credibility in the Chicano community.  He has several years involvement in the San Jose hip hop scene and continues to inspire and organize new talent up and down the West Coast.