Moses is a Jamaican-American rapper with roots in the southern United States.  He is originally from DC, but he was raised in Los Angeles.  He left the nation’s capital during its “murder capital” era because his family felt as if he had to smuggle him out of a war zone.  Being raised by Afrocentric educators and old gangsters gave Moses a unique perspective into the historical context of ghetto life in America.  Homicide and crack cocaine had begun to engulf a formerly peaceful community of dignified people who had built their wealth from the ground up.  California wasn’t exactly much of an escape, but it is where Moses learned to rap, record music, and think outside the box.

Before long, he was coming up on streets patrolled by crooked LAPD officers and rival gangs.  Despite beef on the streets and racial profiling, Moses was able to excel while building lasting bonds across LA from Inglewood to East LA.  He learned life lessons trekking across the city pulling all-night missions with graffiti artists and cholos. Moses has rubbed shoulders with some of America’s most prolific scholars, from Noam Chomsky and Cornel West to Michael Eric Dyson and the late Howard Zinn.  He has studied under the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico, and has traveled to Ghana, West Africa, to hold computer literacy classes.  Using his technological genius alongside a knack for branding, he has helped take nuAi to new levels.

When it comes to rap, Moses’ writing process is meticulous.  Some days, he skips the writing altogether and freestyles whatever comes to him in the moment.  Moses is committed to keeping it true to the streets while upholding an unrelenting commitment to seeking knowledge and getting paid.  The name nuAi came to him in a dream while he was back home in DC.  Upon returning to Los Angeles, Moses brought the idea of a hip hop crew dedicated to seeing life through new eyes with him.