As a Mid-City LA native, Rahten5Star is no stranger to the streets. His music reflects this tone heavily as he explores deep themes through cutting tracks and captivating lyrics. Make no mistake, Rahten is more than witty raps and gritty punch lines. He has been a driving force in the Homeboy Industries music program created to serve gang members from Los Angeles who have committed to turning their lives around. In addition to his service through Homeboy, Rahten is a founding member of the East LA based Hard n Da Paint hip hop workshops. When he’s not writing raps or mentoring young people, he is composing beats and helping artists to manage their own talent in new ways, with new eyes.

Rahten 5Star aka Mr Sagn My Jeans is a street savvy LA rapper and true musician. As the grandson of Latin-Jazz legend Willie Bobo, music is literally in his genes. He is the nephew of Eric Bobo from Cypress Hill and grew up around pioneering hip hop artists from Psycho Realm to the Beastie Boys.  In 2008, Rahten wrote and produced for Eric Bobo’s Meeting of the Minds album under Nacional Records and Warner Brothers Latino.  He also mixed and published nuAi’s entire Detention & Recess album.  Having spent several years in the midst of world-class musicians, he is no stranger to penning and recording music sure to stand the test of time. As a Puerto Rican American, Rahten moves between the black and Hispanic community of Los Angeles with ease.

Without a doubt, Rahten holds his own and then some. Aside from leading the life of a musician, he is a passionate graffiti artist. From scribbling his initials across MTA bus windows in broad day during the late 90s to piecing full color murals in black books, Rahten is “All City” certified.  He has undoubtedly taken his rooftop scaling fearlessness and adapted it to the corporate realm without forgetting his roots.