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I know 2Chainz said he would be “fresh as hell if the feds watching,” but in case you forgot…the FEDS IS WATCHING.  If you haven’t been following the news about Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former National Security Agency analyst, now is the time to tune in. Basically, the dude has been leaking secret documents that have detailed how heavily America is spying on, not just the rest of the world, but it’s own people.

Everything from your smart phone, to Gmail, Facebook, Skype, and your Internet habits in general can be analyzed by the American government, AKA the feds. While this should come as no surprise, it’s worthwhile for us to remind ourselves that virtually nothing communicated over the web or our cellphones is secure. That being said, watch your mouth. If you are involved in illegal activity, the moment you openly discuss that activity online, you are vulnerable to criminal prosecution. For those of you who are fully legit, hardworking citizens, the implications of pervasive surveillance are equally disturbing. In effect, the American government is violating its’ citizens rights and accessing personal data without warrant or due process.

As impressive and empowering as our technology has grown, in many ways it has also become yet another a tool to facilitate self-incrimination. While it’s nice to have convenience just a touch screen away, one can’t help but feel like there are eyes and ears everywhere. Between GPS tracking, the ability to monitor our calls and closely survey our Internet habits, it is important that we remember to consider cellphone and computer based communication as public. Be careful on your cell..watch your mouth…don’t be surprised if your webcam is being tapped. If you are the type to send out flicks/videos of illegal wares or the spoils of “that life” — stop now.

Whether or not you have anything to hide, this issue affects you.  I’d like to start exploring ways that we can insulate ourselves from unwarranted snooping…be on the lookout.

Moses Soweto-Tsali

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The sixth sense – not the seeing dead people one, Not the magnetic type either… the digital kind. Already thousands of signals are chattering away at in-audible frequencies – keying us into a world of information currently not tapped. The number, and types of devices creating chatter is about to explode exponentially.

Phones will eventually go away, but mobile computing will not. pockets are just too far away from our info. Imagine a future in which everything is connected and can be rigged together, every thing you own can talk back to you wherever you are. Toaster here: your bread is burning. Mailbox here: no mail today, check me tomorrow. Litterbox here: …. you get the idea.

The personal cloud will exist to rewire life, but how will we use it? convenience or utility? digital inclusion or intrusion? An SoC can be as cheap as 4 dollars a pop – creating an unprecedented level of access.